Everything you need to know about Vechain & its ecosystem, explained simply. Non-official..

Hi ! Baptiste here (i’m french; on Twitter). I’ve been in crypto since April 2017, discovered Vechain in Feb 2018, and fell in love with the project.
I’ve been reading avidly everything I found about Vechain; and soon I realised it’s a bit overwhelming and confusing at times, and definitely easy for a newcomer to be get lost in everything he has to absorb.

As I read through Reddit and news and official announcement, I felt documentation could be simpler, easier to find and browse, so I made this website, where I do my best to explain Vechain fundamentals – and I hope other Vechain believers will join soon me to keep this site relevant and reliable. I really hope it’ll be useful to Vechain and its community. I want as many people as possible to know and understand what Vechain is accomplishing.

This website is a work in progress : I (and any people joining me) will try to explain the basics, and then work our way up through partnerships, strategic announcements and important news, so you can get a good overview of what’s coming for Vechain. If you find anything you think is misleading, unclear or exagerated, please ping me on Twitter and let me know : I want to explain Vechain, not spread misleading info, even less harm its reputation.

Have fun reading all that and let’s connect on Twitter if you want !

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